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Here is a community for all the animal lovers in the LiveJournal community. Come here to talk about your pets, cute animal stories, animal professions, animal rescues, animal activism, animal rights, lost and found animals, or anything about animals that your little heart desires. Feel free to share pictures as well.

This community is not limited to the things I have listed. If you have a topic on your mind, bring it up. Also, from now on any community promotions will be limited to animal related communities. If you really want to promote your community here, it's not animal-related, but you think people here will benefit from it, then please leave me an email message or a comment in my journal. I will not allow promotions of rating communities (except ones like rateyourdog which is harmless and fun). Go to community_promo for that.

Rules: All I ask is for civility. Use the golden rule and treat LJ users the way you would like to be treated. No flame wars. Debating is fine, but there comes a point when you must agree to disagree. Everyone that has joined this community has one thing in common - they all love animals. Keep that in mind.

Other than that, all of the "general" LJ rules apply.

And make sure to post a hello when you join! :)

This community is maintained by abushelandapeck

Questions? Concerns? Need a friend? :D E-mail the maintainer.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
-Mahatma Ghandi